New product version is coming out of beta to general availability

Following up on my earlier announcement about a deep and thorough redesign of platform interface, I am happy to announce that the team here is ready to move the new product from to production and general availability starting Monday,

Here’s me using the new webinar environment.
Webinar liveEnjoy the new and improved Rukuku. Happy teaching and learning!

Announcing complete re-design of RKK interface

Last year we were very actively involved with our customers, working on a variety of certificate courses and course marketplaces.

In the process we collected tons of very valuable insights. Our customers advised us on what needed to be improved. In November we started working on version 3 of our interface. I am happy to announce that a completely revamped product is quickly coming to life.

The team is now busy updating the User Interface and simplifying User Experience.

Some of the key improvements and new technologies that will be coming live in the next several weeks are:

  • WebRTC video conferencing implementation in the Webinar module: this should simplify video camera permissions, and give our users a choice of whether they want to use Adobe Flash or WebRTC plugins.We will also be able to implement screen sharing, recording and other great features that can be implemented with the new technology.
  • Elimination of “Private webinars” altogether – now to create a webinar, simply create a course and place a Webinar module in it. This is the way most of the webinars were organized in the past, so we simplified everything, and made it the only way.
  • Hosted domain is now available on both business plans: Storefront could be mapped to any domain or subdomain of your choice on both the Business and Enterprise plans. The iframe embed option for Storefronts is available on all plans.
  • Many customization options are coming to Storefront design wizardRukuku gets a completely new, modern interface that is simpler, cleaner and more intuitive. This is accompanied with an upgrade of the under-the-hood infrastructure.

Storefront CustomStorefront customization interface design drafts

ButtonsButtons and colors of the new interface are both practical and fun
WebinarsPresenter’s view of Webinar toolset

Webinar Drawing And ChatDrawing board; camera off, mike on.

Zaption is no longer supported in the Course Builder

As you might have heard, our friends at Zaption are no longer an independent company as they have joined forces with Workday on June 30, 2016. This is great news for Chris, Charlie and the team!

However, Workday decided to stop supporting third-party integrations with Zaption. We had to remove Zaption integration and so the widget is no longer a part of the instructor toolset in the Course Builder.

Most of the great interactions that Zaption provided can be done with the Quiz Module instead. We’ll improve the Quiz Module further to fully substitute the functionality that many of our customers used in their courses.

Happy training!

Tours of Duty? They Work!

Tours of Duty? They Work!

by Leo Brenner, Co-Founder Rukuku, Inc.

I spent six years on seven separate ‘tours of duty’…for the same company.

(For more info on Tours of Duty, check out, and get the book by Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn founder – Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh.)

The Alliance

Every time, the mission, the expectations, resources involved and objectives were crystal clear. And with every successfully completed tour of duty, mutual trust, confidence and willingness to ‘take it to the next level’ all grew in commensurate proportion.

It is a genuinely practical way of breeding collective success and the desire to reproduce this formula.

This company built – and maintained – its industry leading position on this model.

No doubt like many, I have had my fair share of ‘not-so-great’ corporate experiences, but this one was phenomenal and stood out, in great part because it included these critical ingredients. Successful tours of duty breed camaraderie, loyalty, enthusiasm, fun and the desire to do more and better.

And those have got to be worthwhile ingredients to seek and secure, right?

Here’s to Inspired Performance!


Rukuku, Inc. and Richard Lewis Communications Ltd. Announce Partnership

Richard Lewis Communications Ltd. has selected Rukuku as a development partner to host and deliver RLCs award winning language and culture training online. This is the first time their language programs are delivered to RLC’s customers via the Internet, and the cultural courses will complement their award-winning online cultural resource, CultureActive. The companies will also collaborate on interactive course design, as well as production and delivery of high-quality training content.

Rukuku’s interactive collaboration tool for online training will enable RLC to capitalize on its extensive training expertise and engage with its existing customers with greater frequency. Rukuku Marketplace will allow RLC training modules to be marketed to, bought and accessed by a vast pool of new potential customers around the world.

“We are happy that collaboration with Rukuku will allow us to expand our reach for synchronous and asynchronous training courses beyond the traditional classroom. Our customers come from all corners of the globe, and today we are responding to their preference for an excellent and flexible remote training environment,” said Michael Gates, Vice Chairman, Richard Lewis Communications. “Here are some of the advantages of Rukuku that we have considered:

  • The technology removes physical and logistical constraints for our trainers to engage with the customers online
  • Full control over recorded courses allowing for flexible customization, review and ongoing monetization
  • Integrated training environment which brings together for the first time the training materials, audio and video conferencing, electronic drawing board, and other interactive features.
  • Finally, we believe Rukuku Marketplace will be a great place for learners all around the world to come and shop for their training and education, and when they do, they will be able to buy RLC’s world-class training content on Cultural Communication and Language Learning.”

“I am honored that Rukuku has been selected by Richard Lewis Communications as an online training and course delivery partner,” said Denis Zaff, CEO of Rukuku, Inc. “This cooperation marks an important milestone in our development as we are executing on our business-to-business SaaS development strategy.  Richard Lewis Communications Ltd is an outstanding company that delivers world-class training to customers around the world. We are excited about working with the amazing team at RLC, whose satisfaction is our highest priority: to ensure things go smoothly, we have formed a dedicated management and engineering team to drive and support the RLC-Rukuku platform integration project from beginning to end. I am looking forward to expanding our cooperation in the future.”

About Richard Lewis Communications Ltd.

  • Richard Lewis has been in the field of communication since 1955, and in cross-culture since 1988
  • RLC has trained around 70,000 people in cross-cultural competence. Profiled more than 50,000 people from 200+ countries
  • When Cultures Collide, by Richard Lewis, has sold over 1 million copies and is in a dozen languages
  • The CultureActive cultural assessment and knowledge resource was the world’s first online tool in the field and goes wider and deeper than any other on the market
  • RLC works with dozens of blue chip companies world-wide, such as Rolls-Royce, Nokia, Maersk and Telefonica, as well as governments and other international organizations such as the World Bank, the UN and with business schools such as Said, at the University of Oxford.

About Rukuku, Inc.

Rukuku, Inc, a Delaware Corporation, offers interactive courses and training powered by its user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). The company specializes in providing instructional design and interactive course production services to training organizations, corporate training divisions, corporate trainers and instructors. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA

SXSW Day 1

Wow!  SXSW2014 is an amazing experience through and through. Our booth at the trade show was very well attended. We have started conversations with many potential partners and customers: training businesses and organizations,  corporate trainers and HR departments in large corporations. The press is also very active at the trade show. All in all, it has been 14 hours of non-stop action today! We already know we will be back for next year’s SXSW – the event is that good!