Exams, Cramming and Stress…Oh My!

With upcoming exams, inevitably comes upcoming stress.  That’s right Rukuku readers, it’s that time of the year again…not only is it time for the Holidays but time for end-of-term exams!

During the week of exams, students, teachers, and administrators nationwide are experiencing the phenomena of extreme hair loss, breakouts, and studying-induced migraines.  Here at Rukuku we’ve concluded that those are all effects of late-night cramming, ineffective “study” group sessions, and endless staring at the computer screen.

Tis the season for nail biting, carpal tunnel syndrome and flashcards, and the only thing that’s maintaining the sanity of test takers and givers alike is the glimmer of hope on the horizon called “winter break”.

Take away these wise words from Ru:

  1. Stress does not have to get you down.  Learn to recognize when you are stressed out and remember to take deep breaths.
  2. Avoid comparing your abilities with your classmates.
  3. Eat right and get plenty of sleep and take breaks.
  4. Exercise is just as good for the mind as it is for the body.
  5. There is life after exams—the intensity will come to an end soon!
  6. Remain positive.

Over the years, many strategies have been used in an attempt to ease the pressure of exams.  Examples of these include pretesting, re-writing notes and even putting the material to music or using acronyms. But if procrastination is more your style, what better excuse is there than spreading holiday cheer by downloading and making a festively themed origami fractal snowflake Rukuku Owl (hey, fractals are math… that’s learning!)

This year George Mason University School of Law helped their student distress by bringing in cuddly puppies for them to play with before exams!

Ru and all of the owls are a curious bunch, we would like to know: what is your most effective way of studying for the big test? Also, what tips can you provide our readers to cope with the stress of exams more effectively? The stranger the better! Let the search for the most bizarre study skills commence. And good luck on your exams!

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