Its not lack of opportunity, its lack of imagination – Innovative thinking and free will

A couple of years ago I went on a pilgrimage to Wittenburg – the birthplace of the Reformation. The impact of those events 497 years ago are still being felt today – including a lot of the best things about America.

Martin Luther set the ball rolling on the idea that the result is in our own hands. Too many cultures around the word encourage people to think that their destiny is determined from the day they are born based on who their parents are, where they were educated, who they know and what is expected of them. And this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because they give up before they have even tried.

Never Stop Learning.

Never Stop Learning.

In America the opposite is true – the only thing that limits us is the strength of our own will and the power of our imagination. Be persistent, be optimistic, be self-critical and look to sharpen your skills and those around you every day.

You need to instil the same culture of free will and self-confidence in your team. Exogenous events are to be dealt with and used to your advantage. Everybody should look to constantly improve their performance through training and acquiring new skills rather than just staying in the deterministic comfort zone of what they know they are good at.

3 thoughts on “Its not lack of opportunity, its lack of imagination – Innovative thinking and free will

  1. You are SO right, Steve. This is an encouraging, powerful, truthfull message which I hope will reach out and influence many. No doubt fear of failure also, as well as the good old “comfort zone”, holds many back from forging ahead, from testing yet untried skills….

  2. Totally agree…too many believe their destiny is determined and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. One must be willing to constantly step out of the comfort zone and be willing to learn and grow to realize the true potential we all have inside of us.

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