Rukuku Offers Free Service To Unsafe Schools

Safe Connection Program

Recent barbaric attacks on school children have made headlines around the world and shocked everyone.

As our contribution to world piece, we at Rukuku decided to launch the “Safe Connection” program for schools and training organizations where student and instructor safety is a concern. If you represent such a school or training organization please email us with an explanation of your needs. We will then contact you to discuss technology issues and to assess the possibility of connecting every instructor and student at your school to Rukuku free of charge. Obviously, we can only help if your instructors and students can access the internet.

Our software products and services effectively enable live and asynchronous instructor-led and self-paced training programs, which eliminate the need for students and teachers to meet in a classroom. We are certain that Rukuku technology products can help schools and training centers in unsafe or war torn regions deal with some of the safety issues by enabling more distance programs.

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