Five Cool Rukuku Features That Everybody Loves

Our users often email us about features they find most useful in Rukuku so we decided to summarize the fan mail in this post. I will highlight five free features that contest the top position in the “What I love about Rukuku” list.

1. Unlimited participants

Whether you have 1 active customer or a thousand, we are happy to accommodate your needs. We do not impose any limitations on the number of participants in your courses, webinars, or conference calls. Compare this offer to various competing offers out there, and it will become clear that unlimited is hard to find.

2. Free conference calls

Our web conferencing solution is free. Speak for as long as you need, as often as you want – it is free regardless.

3. Free course composer

Create your courses and course materials using our Composer. The tool is absolutely free.

4. Free private classes

If you need a virtual meeting space for an impromptu private class, Rukuku offers that functionality for free. Go to Auditorium, click on Private Classes, and Start New Private Class. Invite other participants by sending them a unique access link using the green “Invite” button. Combined with point #1 above, this is a total winner.

5. Free Storefront

If you want to monetize your courses, we offer you an amazing tool – Storefront. It is a subset of the general Marketplace that resides on your website. You control what items you want to display in your Storefront via a management dashboard. See how it works here:

That’s all folks! Don’t be shy to drop us a line about your favorite Rukuku features.

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