Hey, course authors!

In late December 2012 and early January, 2013, we invited a select group of first users to give Rukuku a try! If you signed up for our launch before, and did not get an invite this time, please do not worry – we remember everyone and will send more invites in the upcoming weeks and months.

The wonderful individuals who are now helping us with debugging and generally tolerating the “work-in-progress” look and feel of the site are authoring courses, creating and collecting content, and uploading material for the first courses available on Rukuku.

If you have a particular course in mind that you would like to move to Rukuku, contact us at listentome@rukuku.com

While we will welcome most course ideas, we are especially interested in course authors whose content could appeal to junior high and high school students.

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I am the founder of Rukuku.com - Training Cloud. My interests are diverse and changing all the time; things that are at the core of my everyday life are my family, books & road cycling. I almost never watch TV, constantly remain pretty clueless about competitive sports, and I don't own a microwave oven.

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  1. hello, I love your image on your “Another Slice of PISA: Socioeconomic Factors Weigh Heavily on US Students’ Test Scores” blog and I was really hoping to use it for my college class. I am writing an essay about how socioeconomic class can impact a person’s education and your image really showcases it nicely! I will cite you guys in my paper but I wanted to ask permission to use this for my class.

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