Why computers have failed to revolutionize the classroom

In the past two decades, US schools alone have spent over $60 billion on computers. In 1981, there was 1 computer per 125 students. In 2000 there was a computer for every 5 students. This data only reflects what schools have provided and does not take into account the fact that students can bring their laptops and tablet computers to school, i.e. we can safely conclude that on average, US schools are well equipped with personal computers.

In other industries outside the education sector such concentration of computers would have led to a partial or complete disruption of how things are done: take banking, publishing, or movie-making as examples. Education, however, remains undisrupted.

My view is that the main reason for this phenomenon is that computers are used to sustain the traditional education model. At best, they are used as an activity center in class, ultimately adding to the cost of providing education. However, in order to disrupt education, connected computers need to be the center of all activity. We believe that Rukuku.com will be a step in that direction.